EP97: Let Consumers Chose and We All Win (w/ Congressman Larry Bucshon)

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This week, we’ve got a healthy batch of self-promotion and an amazing legislative guest. C’mon now, that’s what we’re best at!

First, Yaël rides solo and gives some updates on the two COP events: COP26 on climate change and COP9 that could change laws on vaping! Then it’s all about inflation and how we crypto will solve many of these issues.

INTERVIEW: U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-Indiana) joins Consumer Choice Radio to discuss infrastructure spending, vaccine mandates, plastic bans, healthcare costs, and how we can improve our healthcare system.

(full video here)

  • The Biden Infrastructure Plan is not ready for primetime
  • A doctor’s thoughts on why the federal vaccine mandate isn’t helpful
  • Government mandates will harm workforce numbers
  • The utility of man-made chemicals (PFAS) and why we should use science to evaluate which to regulate and ban
  • Democrats often don’t want amendments added to their bills
  • Increasing healthcare transparency and consumers wanting free markets to drive down prices
  • The folly of allowing healthcare insurance to drive prices up. We need more competition and consumer choice
  • Reimbursement cuts for Medicare and Medicaid, and the debt limit. We don’t fund the government correctly

Then in our third segment, we play the audio from David Clement’s testimony at the New York State Assembly on the dealer franchise laws that make it harder for consumers to buy electric vehicles. Full video here

Broadcast on Consumer Choice Radio on November 13, 2021.

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