EP95: I’m comfortable doing nothing (w/ Nathaniel Erskine-Smith)

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Yael and David reunited! And it feels so…

First up, we catch up on the crazy reconciliation and infrastructure bills in the US Senate and the wonkery you didn’t know you needed.

After the interview (below) wraps up, we talk about Donald Trump’s new social media network, Mastadon, the Facebook conundrum, and what is happening to cable news.

INTERVIEW: Canadian MP Nathanial Erskine-Smith

David interviews Beaches East York MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith. They chat about finding common ground with the opposition, polarized politics, and what’s next on the agenda for hard reduction in Canada.

David and Nathanial then both agree that there shouldn’t be an excise tax on non-alcoholic beer, and that the cannabis act needs to be reformed to be more patient and consumer-friendly.

Broadcast on Consumer Choice Radio on October 30, 2021.

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