EP87: The Runaway Spending Train (w/ Franco Terrazzano + Rachel Chiu)

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—The rise of the hurricane influencers and social media

—Should we be worried about misinformation?

—The best innovations happening before our eyes

INTERVIEW: Franco Terrazzano (@franco_nomics) is Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

-The Liberal Party of Canada reveals its platform

-Does any party care about the debt?

-Private vs. public healthcare models and why competition scares folks

-Global tax policies will leave Canada in the dust

INTERVIEW: Rachel Chiu (@rachelhchiu) is a Young Voices contributor and works at a policy think tank in Washington, D.C.

-New York City cracks down on food delivery services

-The White House wants to crack down on misinformation, but we know they’ll go further

-We need more minority voices in the socialism vs. capitalism debate

Broadcast on Consumer Choice Radio on September 2, 2021.

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