EP84: The Future of DeFi (w/ Tim Frost, CEO of crypto platform Yield.app)

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Back in the saddle, Yaël and David hit the latest and greatest consumer-focused news across North America

—The U.S.-Canada border reopens (somewhat)!

—We are now broadcasting on Liberty Radio Network (http://lrn.fm)

—Gov. Cuomo steps down and we predict he’s the next CNN contributor

—The Mountain Dew hard seltzer!

—The Joe Biden electric plan 

—The UN IPCC report is out and the insanity is beginning

INTERVIEW: Tim Frost is the CEO of Yield.app, a licensed FinTech and DeFi company that hopes to encourage crypto growth, savings, and education.


— What do Decentralised Finance platforms provide for consumers and users?
— What has been driving interest in DeFi and smart contracts? “Controlling your own money”
— The processes and registration needed for a legal FinTech company
— Have legislators grown to embrace the new fintech disruptions?
— What are the use cases for yield.app and other DeFi platforms?
— Is there still a debate about whether cryptocurrencies are legitimate and pose a threat to traditional financial systems?
— How is DeFi democratizing finance?

Broadcast on Consumer Choice Radio on August 12, 2021.

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