EP81: Jeff Bezos: Space Cowboy

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In this week’s episode, Yael and David break down the response to Jeff Bezos’ space exploration.

Interview: David chats with Jocelyn Bamford from the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers about how impending regulations are going to make everything more expensive and less accessible. 

Yael and David then discuss the pros and cons of President Joe Biden’s consumer competition push. Will this make markets more competitive? Or more complicated?

Broadcast on 22. July 2021 

Radio: http://sauga960am.ca

Radio: http://bigtalkerfm.com 

Website: http://consumerchoiceradio.com

Apple: http://apple.co/2G7avA8 

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/3iXIKIS 

Produced by the Consumer Choice Center.