EP39: Melissa Chen on Chinese ambitions, threat of the CCP, and why we should care

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Consumer Choice Radio, hosted by Yaël Ossowski (@YaelOss) & David Clement (@ClementLiberty).

  • Trump vs. Biden Debate Breakdown
  • Senate Majority
  • Supreme Court Battle
  • New lockdowns in UK and Canada

INTERVIEW: Melissa Chen (@msmelchen) – New York Editor of Spectator USA, Managing Director of Ideas Beyond Borders

  • We need to change our thinking on China
  • Economic freedom has not brought political freedom
  • The great firewall
  • Geopolitical might of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • TikTok, Huawei, and why we should care about Chinese tech
  • Lockdowns in New York City

Broadcast on The Big Talker 106.7 WFBT FM on October 3, 2020.

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